"Fu mio padre", is an auto-biographic project, a loving portrait of my father who passed away in 2018 at the age of 97, and a tribute to his adventurous life as a veteran of the Russian Campaign during WWII.
My process involved the collection of 12 small personal objects that symbolize his essence and speak to his marvellous anecdotes.
The stories lived by my father, shine light on the kaleidoscopic fragments of each individual existence, the footprints of our passage, these become necessary instruments to allow the narration to expand from the personal realm and be universally shared.
The work celebrates the distance between me and my father, consciously decreasing the degrees of separation through my analysis.
An attempt to protect the pétite mémoire, to quote the French artist Christian Boltanski in relation to how the smallest things, often the ones we care for the most, are also the easiest to be forgotten.